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RYO - Roll your own

Make your own cigarettes and save money !

During the last decades the tobacco taxes increased tremendously worldwide, therefore the homemaking of cigarettes became more and more popular. There are several hand rolling and hand stuffing machines on the market, but so far the Easy Roller, forerunner of the Easy Roller Compact, was one of the first electrical powered machines in the world, it makes cigarette rolling really easy. You can produce a one week's supply in less than one hour; you can enjoy almost perfectly homemade cigarette and safe up to 75% in costs (mainly taxes which can vary, depending in which country you are living). Compared to the price you pay for a pack of common cigarette-brands in your tobacco shop.

By the way: the best and easiest way to save your money is simple; quit smoking!

The machine works with common cigarette tubes and common tobacco fine cut, the tobacco has to be a little bit dryer compared to hand stuffing machines, to avoid any jamming of the machine, you have to get familiar with the usage, but after a little trial its very easy to handle. Just take a look at the video which shows how easy it is. If you still have any questions do not hesitate and drop us an email.